if u cant run with the big pugs stay on the porch


if u cant run with the big pugs stay on the porch

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Welcome back, Jaime (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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taken in a restored riparian forest in the Tualatin river valley, March 17th 2014

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I think this explains, or partly at least, why we didn’t see as much of Richard in the vlogs as the other dwarfs.

**EPK camera ~ description here [x]

My screenshots and transcription from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition.

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Greg Ruth was nominated for an Eisner Award (Best Publication for Kids age 8-12) for his book The Lost Boy.

Nathan Fox was nominated for an Eisner Award (Best Publication for Teens age 13-17) for his work with Sheila Keenan on the book Dogs of War.

Andrew MacLean provided art for 3 of the books nominated for Best Anthology: Nobrow 8 (shown), DHP and Outlaw Territory.

Chris Visions is currently working with twice nominated writer Christopher Sebela on their new series Dead Letters. I got to see some of the original art in person the other day. It’s really amazing.

Logan Faerber won 3rd place in the Creative South 14 Ink Wars contest. Read more about it here.

Ming Doyle is working on a piece for an upcoming Prince themed gallery show. More details soon.

Alexis Ziritt will be doing a cover for RoboCop #1. Read more about the series here and look for it on the shelves in July.

Paul Maybury is open for commissions until the end of April, but you need to act fast because he’s only taking 10 and they’re going fast! Get on the list here.

Toby Cypress will have some original art from the hit series The White Suits for sale later today in the OOSA store.

Liz Suburbia has some work in the new anthology As You Were #3, but did you know you can still get this awesome print from her story in the first anthology? Why not order them both?

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by Jim Rugg

PRINTS: 18 x 24 inches, 4-color silkscreen, edition of 75
DRAWING: 19 x 14 inches, india ink on bristol

Telegraph Gallery has a new print for sale. The fluorescent inks make it glow under a blacklight! Limited quantity so don’t delay. 

This is part of a show called Epic Encounters and features prints by Jack Teagle, Jenn Woodall, Jake Lawrence, and Ryan Berkley. 

Holy crap I love this Jim Rugg print. -A